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I discovered this magical healing drink whilst backpacking in Sri Lanka.  Deciding to enrol in a yoga and meditation retreat in Arugam Bay I met a wonderful teacher who gave me Kombucha at sunrise and sunset after class. 

Having never drunk it before it made me feel incredible, gave me more energy and after a few weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my overall health and well being. I felt cleansed in my body and mind!

I started looking into the benefits of this drink and was amazed at what I read. I have always been fascinated in the gut-brain connection and also have a chemistry background.

As I began to learn more, I came to understand that what we put into our bodies plays a huge part in how we look, feel and can also impact our mood - 95% of serotonin (the happy hormone) is found in our guts and there is a proven scientific gut-brain connection.

Drinks and foods loaded in sugar can cause your body to release an excessive amount of insulin to process it all. This leads to a rapid reduction in blood sugar levels, causing our bodies to release adrenaline to compensate.

This is the “fight or flight” chemical that causes anxiety and irritability, something which I think we can all relate to.

The journey of understanding and improving my own health and also the incredible kombucha that I drank in Sri Lanka, lead me to start brewing in my spare room at home. Friends and family all loved it and couldn’t get enough.

Experimenting with different teas and flavour combinations over the course of 18 months I decided to work predominantly with organic spices to give an extra layer of goodness to this super amazing drink. Each brew is ever so slightly different in taste depending on the music it’s played, it’s made in small batches with a lotta of love going into each brew.

Boo Chi kombucha was officially launched in October 2017 and is organically certified product.

B A L A N C E - B R I G H T E N - B O O S T

“Live Energy”

Hi I’m Eaoifa!

Hi I’m Eaoifa!