Life as an actress; demands were high, sleep was low, roles were intense. A restorative break was needed.  In 2017, Boo Chi founder and owner, Eaoifa Forward took a break from her acting career and travelled to Sri Lanka to work with a yoga and meditation teacher. It was here where Eaoifa was introduced to a magical drink called kombucha. 
This tonic mentally and physically revitalised and energised Eaoifa and she wanted to know why. With a scientific background in chemistry she learnt there was a physiological link between a healthy gut and a healthy mind and body.
Referred to as ‘the tea of immortality’ and first enjoyed by ancient Chinese emperors this fermented tea known as kombucha has a long and fascinating history. Records share stories such as a village in Germany in 1913 being saved from an epidemic after drinking kombucha. German and Russian prisoners of war in WW1 spread kombucha recipes across Europe and it quickly became a popular, safe drink to increase immunity and boost health.  
Loved in California, ‘Groovy tea,’ was the name given to kombucha in America in the 60’s. Sugar rations after WW2, made kombucha an expensive drink to produce, the necessary ingredient to ferment the tea. Kombucha was no longer affordable and declined in popularity.
Kombucha delivers good bacteria; vitamins and enzymes with positive impact that fuels the gut-brain connection. The impact of this elixir set Eaoifa on a new journey with a dedicated and passionate team to create her own kombucha named Boo Chi, (Boo being the drink and Chi being the energy it gives you) using only traditional far eastern methods. 
Ingredients to make Boo Chi are organic and soil association certified, they are patiently brewed to reach the perfect ph levels for optimum taste and health balance. Organic natural herbs and spices are used to flavour Boo Chi to add another level of functionality and maintain the low sugar content so there is no sugar high from our kombucha. A gentle, naturally occurring sparkle without the need of added probiotics proves that our booch is the real deal.
We supply our 300ml, fully recyclable amber glass bottles of Boo Chi in six flavours; turmeric and black pepper, Korean ginseng, fresh mint, fresh strawberry, fresh ginger and original. Boo Chi is a perfect non-alcoholic drink alternative, it offers a feeling of energy, lightness and brightness.
Boo Chi makes an ideal cocktail mixer – the low sugar content keeps hangovers at bay too. Mix your own or let us create a cocktail bar at your event with our signature cocktails or craft something a little more bespoke.
As part of our wellness programme we offer workshops. Whether at your premises in a corporate space or somewhere more casual we share our passion about kombucha and show people how to make their own with our Boo Chi kits.
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“Live Energy”