Boo Chi creates authentic kombucha that delivers on taste and benefit beyond the health food segment and into everyday celebrations to make you feel great.

We have created six sophisticated flavours, using fantastic organic ingredients; original to balance, turmeric to brighten, Korean ginseng to boost, fresh mint to revive, strawberry to replenish and fresh ginger to reignite.

By day Boo Chi kombucha can be used as an energy and balancing boost and by night as a non-alcoholic alternative. It also makes an excellent low sugar mixer for cocktails or spirits.  It’s a hugely versatile product that also pairs exceptionally well with food.

We also provide our kombucha in 19L cornelius kegs either on their own or you can hire our 4 piece pop up kombucha bar. We can create any flavour combinations for events, private parties, weddings, festivals.



We create gut loving drinks!

Boo Chi is a live, organic, non-carbonated fermented tea packed full of naturally occurring active ingredients that convert into beneficial probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants and organic acids that make you feel physically and mentally amazing.

We are challenging the kombucha drinks market with the real deal because we believe the benefits of this elixir should never be compromised. We have created four delicious flavours all with an added layer of functionality as we have used spices and fresh herbs to flavour.

Boo Chi kombucha delivers a low sugar natural boost in energy, a reviving pick me up in the afternoon, without the caffeine, and a balancing effect to maintain focus, with much needed benefits for busy days.

Our kombucha has ‘angel’ wings, gently delivering on functionality and taste, a great alternative to sugary soft drinks.


Boo Chi can be drunk anytime of the day!


Drink it straight from the bottle or pour into a glass over ice.

Boo Chi can be used as a delicious mixer in cocktails or mocktails. With low ABV, sugar highs are avoided and hangover for those mixing with spirits are reduced.

The hydrating and reviving elements of Boo Chi make it a great hang over support for the morning after the night before!

Boo Chi pairs beautifully with food, subtle flavours are enhanced when paired well.


Fizz. It’s a bellyache so at Boo Chi we don’t force carbonate. Just the natural effervescent to tickle your tongue without irritating your stomach.

We never pasteurise or sterile filtrate, that would defeat the purpose. From brew to bottle we don’t lose a drop of the good stuff.

Keep it natural. We only use fresh herbs and natural organic spices to flavour, ensuring less sugar and an extra layer of goodness.

Boo Chi is vegan and 100% organic and fully certified with the Soil Association Organic Certification for establishment and product.

We hand bottle in our new brewery in Devon into amber glass to maintain the integrity of the good bacteria and yeast.

We chose to create a fully recyclable glass bottle, print screen label, plant based plastic lid.

Boo Chi is the premium kombucha currently available in the UK and we are confident it is of the highest quality, being brewed with love and care. It is truly delicious and leaves you feeling lighter, brighter and more balanced in mind and body.

Last year we saw a gap in the market and especially this year when it came to Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdown.  At Boo Chi we have created a premium organic kombucha home brew kit that can be enjoyed by all the family from the comfort of their own homes.  Having partnered with kilner glassware, it is beautifully presented and makes the perfect immunity boosting gift.