Boo Chi Kombucha

PREMIUM: Organic 3L (Kilner) Kombucha Making Kit


Have you ever wanted to make kombucha at home but you were unsure about the process and how to do it?

We've created one of the best organically certified kits on the market with full instructions on how to brew your first 3 litres of Boo Chi organic kombucha from home.

This kit was featured on the BBC One Show in January 2020 along with the benefits of drinking kombuhca and makes the perfect GIFT for any occasion!

What’s included? 

  1. 3 Litre Kilner Jar with Tap and Lid
  2. Original to Balance 330ml x1 (to compare your home brew)
  3. Certified Organic Tea
  4. Certified Organic Sugar
  5. One Organic Scoby & Starter Liquid
  6. 1 Litre Glass Round Swing Top Bottle
  7. 1 Rubber band
  8. 1 Cloth Top
  9. Stick on thermometer
  10. Extensive Instructions
  11. Boo Chi 5 Minute Meditation
  12. Access to our "home brew" video

    Perfect for all the family to make, watch grow, flavour, bottle and drink!


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