Boo Chi Kombucha

Letterbox Organic Kombucha Making Kit


Put old glass jars to good use with this fun and simple kombucha making course, that you can do at home.

This kit is posted straight through the letterbox and makes the most perfect gift.

Learn how to brew your own forever supply of delicious kombucha using a household jar with Boo Chi Kombucha.

By the end of this, you will be able to:

  • Expertly clean your own jars from home

  • Make your own first 3 litres of organic kombucha

  • Learn how to scale up

  • Learn how to make your own SCOBY hotel

  • Understand second fermentation and flavouring

  • Learn about the optimum temperature for kombucha brewing

  • Care for your finished kombucha

What's in the kit?

This home brew kit will allow you to make your first 3 litres of organic kombucha, all you need is a glass jar.

We provide the following:

  1. 130g Organic Sugar

  2. Organic Green Tea

  3. Organic SCOBY & Starter Culture

  4. Thermometer

  5. Cloth Top

  6. Elastic Band

  7. Boo Chi Meditation Card

  8. Full Set Of Instructions

  9. How to video

  10. Lifetime support from Boo Chi Kombucha

This kit comes beautifully presented in a gift box with the step by step process on the back.

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